Delicious Living & Eating Reset (aka Fall Cleanse)

The whole-foods cleanse where you fill yourself up while you lose weight.

To help you feel great and find your way to more energy and ease in your body, I created this nourishing journey that we’ll begin together September 18th. People tell me this is the most pleasurable program to reclaim your health, lose weight, gain energy and feel great!

• A proven 28 day experience that’s easy and joy filled – relax because I do all the thinking. I share the blue print that has helped hundreds of people break free from cravings and dieting.  You’ll know exactly what to do to support your body in healing, releasing any excess weight and gaining energy.

Delicious, quick and easy meal plans with simple to prepare recipes – real foods full of flavor that will satiate you.

Emotional support and guidance through daily support, inspirational group calls, and our lively private Facebook community.

Join us on this yummy journey September 18th – October 15th.  Set yourself up to head into the holidays looking and feeling fabulous!

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 A testimonial:

I’ll admit that I was a little bit skeptical – of the idea of a “cleanse,” of a “cleanse community”, or a “succulent wild body cleanse”. I’m a bit too practical and analytical for this. But after a friend had an amazing experience, I decided to dive in and try it out. And I am overwhelmed by and so grateful for the results.

Not only did I feel better during the cleanse (how my body felt, how I slept, how I felt in clothes, how I changed my relationship to eating), this cleanse provided the tools and lifestyle-context so that I’ve been able to maintain much of it 2 months out.

Why did it work so well? Well, Marnie is a wonderful coach, an inspiring voice, and so passionate and knowledgable about the role of food in our lives and how to make it a healthy and joyful one. I loved her sensible and easy approach to meal planning (remember, I said I’m practical), I like the food a lot and loved learning how to make easy changes for the better (e.g. having eggs over arugula! an easy and super tasty breakfast alternative). Plus, I enjoyed the community aspect – it provided ideas, questions asked that I hadn’t though of, and support for those bits of the cleanse that were challenging.

As well, this is a food-based cleanse… not some weird shake or juice thing. So it’s relevant to your real life, and you are never left feeling hungry or deprived. Plus, it’s has lifestyle, even spiritual, aspects to it – like paying attention to your food and eating environment, spending time being grateful for your life, understanding what brings you joy, and so on. So much more than just food – a full body and soul experience.

So, 2 months out, how do I feel? Well, I’ve put a bit of weight back on (damn alcohol!), but I still feel great, am sleeping well, and love how I’ve adopted healthier habits. And the most incredible piece – for years I’ve have had inflammatory issues (GI, arthritis) and they are GONE. I’m not kidding! My doctors are amazed and so am I. Food can heal – and this cleanse is a very accessible and fun (and delicious) way to see how changing what/how you eat can truly change your body.

~ Sara S