San Francisco / Bay Area

Acupuncture and herbs: Ben Zappin

I received acupuncture from Ben (my first time!) during a cleanse. I experienced greater elimination, had more energy, and was much warmer than I normally am.  I also regularly seek the miracle of Ben’s herbal treatments and highly recommend his pharmacy.

Chiropractor: Dr. Aidan Kinsella / Verve Wellness Studio

Being in care with Dr. Aidan is the #1 thing I do for my own self-care.  I value it so highly, that despite my loaded schedule I commit to seeing Dr. Aidan weekly.  Her gentle form of chiropractic (I think of it more of energy work) has completely changed my posture and how my body handles stress.

Exercise: bodyFi – Personal Training, Pilates, TRX, Bootcamp and Studio classes

bodyFi makes it fast, effective and fun.  Get it done in 30 minutes!  I’ve been whipped into shape at their boot camp and love their downtown studio.  John and his team are skilled and motivating.



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