It has been years since I’ve had this much energy—thank you Pura Vida cleanse! Marnie’s enthusiasm and knowledge shepherded me through two weeks of truly delicious eating. It seems too simple that 13 days and a few food changes could cause me to feel so fantastic, but it’s true and that’s why I highly recommend this cleanse.


The cleanse was awesome!  I definitely achieved results!  I ended up losing 10 lbs and I felt great after the first 2 days.  I got a lot of compliments on the quality of my skin and I had tons of energy and found that I did not need caffeine in my system to focus or do my work.  I ended up loving most, if not all, of the recipes and have acquired them into my repertoire of cooking.  Even the fasting day wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be.   I loved how you had everything clearly outlined.  I basically just checked everything off as I finished it.  VERY easy to follow and didn’t have to think about it too much.


What an amazing experience!  I loved the way I felt during and after this 13 day cleanse.  I lost 8 lbs and had a tremendous amount of energy throughout the 13 days.  I gave up coffee permanently which has been a long time goal.  I was finally able to kick my caffeine addiction.   I also picked up some great new healthy eating habits.  Who knew a green smoothie could be so good?   My family ate many of the meals with me and I learned that both of my kids will actually eat kale!  My skin felt more radiant and my overall energy level was fantastic.  I needed fewer hours of sleep at night to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Karen Hancock ~ Writer

My husband and I just completed a supported 13 day cleanse with Marnie Northrop who is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor here in SF and experienced wonderful results. I haven’t felt this good in years. I know that sounds like a crazy statement but I am truly not kidding. I have more energy and am sleeping better than ever with no reliance on caffeine or wine. Others have even commented that I look “glowing”. Even better, I also lost 5 lbs! The cleanse itself was not onerous (not even the fast day) although during the first 3 days I was incredibly sleepy and on the verge of  headache in the late afternoon as I weaned myself off of carbs and processed foods. There was plenty to eat on the diet and I was exposed to many new foods, supplements and practices that will serve me well going forward. I even had a green smoothie this morning for breakfast and love our VitaMix! Marnie’s morning emails were informative, motivating and entertaining too. It’s definitely something I would like to do every January to jump start the new year!


Marnie’s guided cleanse is a fantastic way to rid yourself of bad habits, learn and remind yourself of good ones and feel great in a short period of time.  As someone who generally considers myself to have no willpower when it comes to food, this was life-altering. I never thought I could be free of caffeine, refined sugar, bread products or any of the other foods I enjoy so much, and not crave them!  I have more energy than I have in years, and lost almost 10 lbs. without following the weight-loss portions on the menu.  This has given me such renewed confidence in my spirit and my body—thanks, Marnie!


Marnie, I just have to thank you for an amazing transformative experience. My relationship with food in the past has been eating because I have to, or when out in a restaurant, eating whatever I want without giving it much thought. Both did not feel like good habits. Your cleanse really made me see how the right energy going into our bodies makes a huge difference. I feel fantastic, lighter, healthier, stronger.  I also noticed improvements to my digestion, which I thought was already good. And I even did lose some weight, an added bonus. My main goal in the cleanse was to learn more about nutrition and connect more to what my body was telling me. Due to your guidance, I can say, goal exceeded! Not only did you share so much knowledge about food and health, you also inspired me to take time for this journey and learn lessons from it. Your passion for wellness and for helping people is so clear, and I’m happy to have been able to experience it!My new-found love for kale and the absence of caffeine in my life are my biggest take-aways, which I thank you for. But my biggest gratitude is for your support and encouragement. Thank you for everything!   P.S.  My husband is also inspired and we are motivated together to keep this healthy eating habit, a true lifestyle change!

Karen Hancock

Using Marnie’s services has had a very positive impact on my life. Going through the detox was not nearly as difficult as I had imagined. I was worried I’d be starving all the time, which was definitely not the case! I felt more energy, satiated, and my body felt ‘cleaner.’ I really enjoyed the fresh food and was surprised at how delicious it could be. Plus, I learned a lot about nutrition. I work full-time and have two small children at home, which makes my life pretty hectic. I’ve been working out with Marnie for a few months and the sessions have given me increased energy (and this is despite my 5:30am wake up). She also recognized that I might benefit from some quiet moments each day, so we end each session with a 5-minute meditation. It has provided a sense of calm and peace, and now my husband is also doing it. Overall, I feel like a different person, and I know that I am taking much better care of myself. I can’t do all of this without Marnie.


I recently did my first detox cleanse with “Becoming Health” and learned so much about “live” food and the impact of what I eat and how I feel and the emotional/physical connection. Surprisingly I found this particular cleanse to be rich and abundant in nutrients and “clean” food. With each day of the cleanse, I felt renewed energy. Marnie was supportive in customizing the cleanse to allow me to avoid weight loss, while also benefiting from a clean food routine that stimulated my vitality and overall energy. I look forward to using the information I learned and integrating it in to my day-to-day food routine.


Thanks for leading this detox. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it and can see changing some of my eating habits permanently. I loved the daily emails– helped me feel that someone was supporting me (extra pressure to stick with it)! This detox also raised my awareness around what I eat and how I eat by leaps and bounds. I am eating lots more organic veggies now that I realize how easy, tasty and cheap (compared to eating out) it can be. I treated myself to chocolate cake and steak tartare on Sat for a friend’s birthday but have actually been back to clean eating ever since. Anyhow, thanks once again!


I have had the privilege of attending a couple of presentations of Marnie Northrop of Becoming Health.  Each time I was amazed at her expertise in terms of nutrition, diet and exercise and how it relates to the business professional.  She not only knows how to advocate a truly healthy nutritional lifestyle change in people’s lives but is able to tie it into our effectiveness as business people.

Good nutrition brings about healthier living. Healthier living promotes an optimal and productive work force.  That only means better business.

I encourage every business owner, management team, or group to book Marnie to present expert information in a fun, relaxed way to you and your employees.  I promise it will be one of the best presentations you have seen and a life changing moment.  Her information is fresh and relevant and is a great way to jump start your employees and management team to adopt better ways of eating and living.  It not only helps them, it helps the business.  It is smart strategy.

John-Paul Leddy

I have brought Marnie in on several occasions for our lunchtime speaker series.  Each time I have found her presentations well-researched, full of great information, and eye opening!  She really engages the audience and gets us thinking about what we eat, not only during the talk but for a long time afterward.  People really enjoy her talks because she is human, humorous, and makes it real by providing every day examples and easy ways to make change.


I like the detox plan overall!! The fasting day was fine—I can’t believe I made it through. In general I feel really great – more energetic and less bloated so I do not want to stop and am going to continue to eat more “cleanly”. I discovered some new foods I really like, so thank you!!! I have lost maybe 2-3 lbs, not a whole lot, but I feel great. [six months later] …I have now lost 5-6 lbs. It came off slowly. Still eating healthy and loving it.


It was a great experience and to top it off I lost about 7lbs! On the fast day I expected to feel light headed and dizzy but I felt surprisingly well, though I was hungry by 3:00. Everyone I see keeps saying to me “you look great! What are you doing? Your skin is glowing.” I feel really focused and energized to continue to eat right. I am going to do all that I can to not reintroduce caffeine. I fell asleep so much easier the last two weeks. The one thing I noticed most about how I felt was “steady” – I didn’t experience intense energy highs and lows, which is pretty typical for me. I have also discovered a couple of new foods I really like.


I have lost 7-8 lbs and my clothes are back to fitting comfortably again. Throughout this detox my mind was really, really clear and I could focus with greater intensity. I’ve been super productive while on the cleanse, sleeping better, exercising harder, and simply feel tons more energetic. I will do my best to continue eating organic and with more veggies and fruit, they really made a difference. This has been life changing for me. THANK YOU!


Completing a two week detox with Marnie turned me into a firm believer that feeling good is closely tied to your health. I thought it was going to be extremely difficult to complete the detox, but with Marnie’s help and preparation it was easier than anticipated. Marnie planned out my meals for two weeks, helped me pick out my groceries, and checked in with me often for support and to see how things were going. I felt refreshed after the detox, and even lost 10 lbs. Several friends commented on how great my skin looked, it definitely gave me the jumpstart I needed. I was so pleased with the results of the detox that I completed Marnie’s 6-month health counseling program.

I’ve now lost 25 pounds and make better eating choices and select nutrient dense foods. I feel better about myself and more confident and find I am taking more risks in life. Marnie is a great listener and very open minded. She was more than a health counselor, she was a life counselor.


I have done 4 cleanses on my own (including the Master Cleanse) prior to this supported cleanse with Marnie. They were always extremely difficult emotionally and mentally because they were more restrictive and much more unpleasant. I lost weight on them and then about a couple weeks after they were over piled back on the weight. With Marnie’s supported cleanse there was a gentle tapering down from meat to vegetarian to raw to juice and back up. As a result, I actually have released (to my utter surprise given how easy and pleasant it was) more weight than I did on those more radical cleanses and I feel like I’ll stay this weight and continue to drop some more because I actually want to continue to eat this way. Her guidance was clear, helpful and thoughtful throughout and she was very responsive to my questions as they came up. Not only have I released this weight but I’ve broken my addictive sugar eating habit. If you’re thinking about feeling better, more energetic, lighter, and more clear definitely enroll in one of Marnie’s supported cleanses!


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had to take every single pair of pants and every skirt I own to be taken in by 2-3 inches by my seamstress, thanks to your guidance. That is HUGE!!! I have released 13 pounds and I strongly believe that I will release at least another 5 if things keep going along this way. I feel great and feel much better about what I’m putting and not putting into my body. It’s actually surprisingly easy and doesn’t feel like a hardship in the least. So thank YOU for being such a good guide.


With Marnie’s coaching, I have completely transformed the way I eat and lost 22 lbs!


Marnie’s sugar workshop made a huge impression on me. I immediately changed my breakfast and beverage choices forever.

Karen ~ Energy Company