Thrive Through the Holidays
Virtual Workshops

In our interactive group calls, you will:

Week 1 (11/22): Break free from your toxic dietary beliefs and learn the #1 ingredient for success so you can savor the celebratory foods you eat without guilt or gaining weight. You’ll learn my way to eat whatever you want in the best quantity for you, and maintain your healthy weight.

Week 2 (11/29): Prioritize your Pleasure and learn how stress is sabotaging your efforts so you can really understand that success is not about willpower and restriction and fill up on things that bring you joy beyond food.

Week 3 (12/6): Develop your unique juicy self-care blueprint so you can get your needs met, stay healthy and have the energy you need (so you don’t mindlessly dip into the candy bowl).

Week 4 (12/13): Understand how to create loving boundaries so you can honor your needs while still feeling connected to the people you love (there is a reason this is so hard).

Week 5 (12/20): Learn the key to giving more while sacrificing less so you don’t end up feeling depleted and resentful.

Week 6 (12/27):  Vacation!  Catch up week. Q&A. I will host a call for those who have questions or want and need support.

Week 7 (1/3):  Reflect on 2016 and create your 2017 plan so you can live your best year yet!

Week 8 (1/10): Optimize your energy so you can minimize the things that drain you and make more room for the things that fill you up.

Week 9 (1/16): Celebrate and make a powerful declaration to finally be free of the need to be perfect and allow for more joy and what truly matters.


There will also be plenty of time every week for your questions and to give you support for any challenges you’re going through.

*** In addition, you will be supported to feed yourself well. You will receive weekly time-saving seasonal recipes with a shopping list so you can easily enjoy foods that give you energy, support your immunity, and are delicious enough to share. ***


I am sharing some of the most powerful work I know to finally break free from dieting, feel good, and be able to take care of yourself so you can have more energy, less guilt, and more room in your life for what truly matters.  These topics support you in making lasting, sustainable change.